Robin Williams: Andy made the premise and the rest of the world was the punchline.

Robin Williams: “…Andy is the only comedian who could make you laugh, piss you off and make you laugh again.

Jay Leno: “Andy Kaufman was by far the most innovative comedian at that time – although he never liked being called a comedian. With Andy, you never knew whom you were talking to. He liked to disappear into different personas offstage as well as onstage and refused to ever break character. He was a remarkable guy…”

Jim Carrey: “Comedians would stand in the back and go: ‘I gotta build a statue, and it’s gotta be of him.’”

Richard Lewis: “With Andy it was a case of art imitating life. Because before he’d get up on stage, or after he had finished performing, he kept in character. He wouldn’t become himself, whoever himself was.”

David Letterman: on his late night show, saying “In those early days there was no better guest than Andy.”

Jimmy Fallon: “You hear the stories of The Improv and Andy Kaufman and what he would do. You go, ‘Oh yeah, I want to have my Andy Kaufman moment.'”