Thank you TJ MILLER for performing at the 10th Andy Kaufman Award (AKA) at UCB East on October 12! Thank you 2013 AKA winner Harry Terjanian for hosting the spectacular event and previous AKA winners Nick Vatterott & Marcus Monroe for performing. Congratulations to DRU JOHNSTON for winning the 10th Andy Kaufman Award! Congratulations and thank you to: Amir Gollan, Nathan Min, Pam Murphy, Alana Johnston, Lucy Cottrell & Killy Dwyer for reaching the finals and making it a wonderfully memorable night and hi-level Award competition! And what would the evening have been, without Charlie Mops mopping the already clean floor before TJ Miller performed? Special videos sent in by Andy’s manager George Shapiro and 2005 AKA winner Kristen Schaal enriched the evening even more!
Thank you to Joe Pera for volunteering, out of the audience, to host the richly heartfelt tribute to Andy at 4 pm.  Even though you used it as ransom to maneuver yourself to compete that night for the AKA, you were courageous and spectacular! A big thank you to Brian Hubble, Dan Crossley, Jo Firestone, Brett Davis and Marcus Monroe for giving us fantastic Andy Kaufman inspired performances.  In addition to these wonderful performers, the audience was treated to: rare video clips of Andy embellished by Andy’s brother and sister; free Uncle Andy Funhouse t-shirts; free posters; free stickers; and free Two Boots pizza!