Andy Kaufman’s death from lung cancer at the age of 35 shocked and stunned many. His apparently sudden, dramatic and final departure from public life on May 16, 1984, was met with sorrow and disbelief. In keeping with his persona and outrageous performance antics, the disbelief surrounding Andy’s death took on a life of its own, perpetuating his legacy in a unique way. Speculation surrounding the possibility that Kaufman staged his own death continues today as a popular legend.

Kaufman’s family, however, wanted to preserve Andy’s legacy in a more concrete way. His father, Stanley Kaufman, first considered a university scholarship that would bear Andy Kaufman’s name and encourage promising performing arts students. This was eventually deemed unsatisfactory because, while supporting students in the performing arts, such a scholarship would benefit only a few students, and lack the visibility that was desired for both the honoree and the recipients.

The idea for an annual talent award came to fruition in 2004 with input from Andy’s lifelong manager George Shapiro. The inaugural award show took place on November 11, 2004 at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York, and was hosted by actor/comedian and long-time Kaufman fan Richard Belzer.

The Award Criteria

The Andy Kaufman AwardTM is a showcase for promising cutting-edge artists with fresh and unconventional material, for those willing to take risks with an audience, and for those who do not define themselves by the typical conventions of comedy. It seeks to recognize a performer who lives and works outside the ordinary, as Kaufman did. Although labeled a comedian, Kaufman referred to himself alternately as a performance artist and song-and-dance-man. He was interested in provoking a variety of responses from his audience – laughter, confusion, disbelief, anger, delight, misunderstanding and bewilderment – frequently, all within a single act. The criteria for The Andy Kaufman AwardTM are consistent with his legacy and encompass the perhaps somewhat elusive characteristics of originality, creativity, and spirit.

The Talent Competition

The Andy Kaufman AwardTM is structured as a nation-wide talent competition. Contestants submit videos of their original performance material. A panel of industry judges reviews all submissions, selecting a group of the most promising finalists to perform before a live audience and panel of judges in New York City. A single winner receives a prize of $2,500, a personalized trophy commemorating the event, exposure to industry professionals (agents, managers, casting directors, and media representatives). The winner receives a featured position in The Winners Hall of Fame.